In-Demand Online Communications Available Now

OVS Media stands ready to assist state and federal agencies with mission-critical online messaging and presentation needs.

Government marketplace Periscope this week published a list of the sixty most in-demand products and services needed by government agencies to aid in the fight against the emergent threat of the novel coronavirus. The list is primarily made up of medical services and devices, of course, but also included are online communication services, which are mission critical for teams to stay in touch while still observing socially distant rules.

OVS Media has been providing live online communications of many different types to state and federal government agencies for nearly twenty years, and has defined that space in the government services sector. As such, OVS Media stands ready to deliver some of the most needed services right now, as detailed below.

Let’s hear it

For nearly everybody in the country right now, staying in touch is more important that it has been in years. OVS Media has been the industry leader at both the state and federal levels for bridging the gap between remote teams of all kinds, and has had a bullet-proof infrastructure for this kind of digital social distancing for close to two decades.

Goods and services

One of the most efficient ways to get critical instructions to as many people as possible in the fastest and easiest way is through live Internet broadcasting, and that is the service that OVS Media was built around. We’re able to send your message out to as few as five people or as many as five million, no matter what it is.

One-on-one and more

They say a picture says a thousand words, which is why we’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of hours getting our webcasting solutions to where they are today: near perfect. In situations like the one we have today, quality matters, and with our live packages they’ll hear — and see – every last important word.

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