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Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Live Streamed Candidates?
6.10.15 – If Periscope or Meerkat existed when Mitt Romney gave his disastrous “47%” speech in Boca Raton during the 2012 campaign, it’s quite likely an aide would see what was going out live over the Internet, and gagged him with a luncheon napkin just to shut him up.
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Now You See Me: 5 Best Practices for Achieving Transparency
7.27.15 – If seeing is believing, then transparency has truly earned its reputation as the cornerstone for loyalty and advocacy. Regularly characterized by genuine communications and complete insight into data usage, transparency enables companies to develop an ongoing dialog with customers that promotes trust and supports affinity. Yet, while most brands aim to be as open and honest with their customers as possible, such measures still seem aspirational, as many organizations struggle to implement foundational policies.
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Live Streaming of Events and Meetings Can Help the Environment
6.29.15 – Live webcasting is rapidly growing as a primary communications tool for organizations to reach their stakeholders…A lesser known benefit to embracing streaming media is its ability to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.
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Technology and Inclusion Will Shape the Future of Remote Work
7.6.15 – Today’s always-on workforce never has to miss a beat — in or out of the office, they’re taking calls, answering emails, Skyping with clients and colleagues, and getting work done, wherever they need to…As the population of telecommuters continues to grow, experts weighed in on the present and future of remote work.
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Government Meetings Liven Things Up With Streaming
6.12.15 – Government workers watching a live-streamed conference on their Windows 7-based Dells may be surprised to learn federal agencies are ahead of the technological curve. So says OVS Media CEO Tim Treanor, who’s been assisting government meetings with online services since the days of Real Player.
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Five Steps to Seamlessly Streaming an Event
5.15.2015 – There is untapped potential in the streaming of video from events or conferences – take for example the hundreds of thousands of U.S. Federal public hearings, state regulatory sessions and association meetings annually. Live streaming makes it possible to target key opinion leaders and influential executives crucial to the streaming entity’s enterprise.
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Online Video Service Rebrands itself as OVS
– OVS Media, the pioneer and industry leader in stakeholder broadcasting services, has announced that it has completed its corporate rebranding from Online Video Service, the company’s name since its inception in 1999, to OVS Media.
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5.12.2015 –  OVS Media provides Stakeholder Broadcasting – a seamless platform for delivery of video content on any Internet-enabled device for distribution to targeted key internal and external stakeholder audiences.
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