OVS Media’s Full Participation allows your campaign to engage voters in more ways than ever before, all while saying on-message and on-point, live.

Live-streaming your message via virtual town hall is the best way to expand engagement, increase involvement, and convert votes. And with multiple simultaneous outreach streams alongside your live video, your candidate will educate and earn new voters in more ways than ever before, all at the same time.

We do a lot so you don’t have to.

Every tool we offer is made to easily maximize outreach.

  • Live transcription during broadcast
  • Interactive moderated chat for voters
  • Fully customized to match existing campaign materials
  • Full after-event analytics to see exactly who you reached the best
  • Live Q&A via Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Full-service solution: No technical know-how needed
  • All packages are customized to work with any size campaign, from municipal to federal
  • Support for donations, volunteers, and more

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No other live digital services provider has a longer or more successful track record in the public services outreach market, period.

Our experts know how to go live like nobody else and are ready to help you from start to finish so you can focus on the messaging and not the medium.

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