Stakeholder Broadcasting

Increase stakeholder reach and transform your conferences and events with  high-quality live event webcasting and stream live video to your Internet audiences everywhere.

We call it Stakeholder Broadcasting.

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OVS Media has done more live on-location webcasts for federal and NGO customers than anyone else, and it shows.
OVS Media can help you take your event live today.

Live Webcasting Service

Increase Reach with Live Webcasts

Your content viewed on any device anywhere in the world — live. See who’s watching, what they’re watching and when. And with our archived webcast hosting service, your presentation will live on long after the mics are turned off.


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

All of your media integrated. Experience real-time streaming Twitter feeds and audience questions, moderated chatrooms, live video captioning and even more features to amp up your live webcasts.
Live Video Streaming Software

Live Webcasting Platform

Our dedicated content delivery system isn’t just about moving data, it’s about taking the fear and “what ifs” out of online video to give you peace of mind. Backed by 15 years of experience, we ensure your next live event webcast will look its best.

 Live Webcasts Increase Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are the foundation of your organization and need to be continually engaged.  Innovation is the key to effective stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder Broadcasting is live video streaming over the Internet that cost-effectively reaches your target audience with broadcast-quality live webcasts of your conference and events.

That doesn’t mean webinars – our live webcasting services provide a fully immersive experience that leaves your audience with the feeling that they were right there — even when watching the live event webcast thousands of miles away.


Webcasting – The Next Logical Step

Since the days of radio, broadcast technology let those with something to say do so en masse, but that was over 100 years ago.

OVS Media uses the latest in broadcast technology — live video streaming — along with industry-best live video production practices to turn your conference, presentation or other event webcast into an interactive broadcast that targeted audiences with an internet connection can join in on, and we do it all live.

Live Streaming of Any Content to Any Device, Anywhere

OVS Media uses industry-leading technologies to webcast your live video streams so that stakeholders can watch it live on any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.

No restrictions on operating systems, browser types, or extra licensing means your content gets to your audience with zero complications.

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The Webcast Partner of Choice for Global Leaders
It’s not only an important offering from my perspective, it’s a must-have offering. It’s helped me grow my business, increase my revenues, get more bodies in seats as well as more viewers online. It’s been a win-win. I’ve been able to push out my content in a very effective way and add value to my members.
Cheryl Crispen

Executive Vice President, Communications and Marketing, SIFMA

Not everyone can afford to come to the conference. We have found it really valuable to webcast live because that reaches people at their homes. The webcast allows us to capture those videos and make them available on our archives so people in the room can watch them again from wherever they are in the world.
Carl Weimer

Executive Director, Pipeline Safety Trust

After four years of doing the webcasts, we consider it a big success. We are able to connect with more shareholders – live. It allows those shareholders to communicate back with us via live chat. We are able to get questions and comments real-time during the meetings.
Ron Unger

Chairman, Koniag Inc.

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