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One of the key features to webcasting is that an archive of your event is available that can last forever. OVS Media makes these as easy to use and accessible as it does your live event.

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Our Global CDN Means That
Any Video Can Be Accessible
At Any Time, Any Where

OVS Media provides hosting and archiving services so that you don’t have to invest time or money in creating or maintaining your own storage infrastructure. Our fully serviced platform provides you with the bandwidth and storage you need to ensure that your webcasts are secure and available to your audiences.

Our distinctive service enables you to confidently address the challenges of storage and management with ease. With no hardware or software required, this solution frees up your resources and provides you and your audience with rapid and secure access to all of your content.

All of our live event webcasts include up to a year of free hosting of the event archive so that it’s available to anyone who may have missed it — or just wants to watch it again.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our network of dedicated cloud servers wraps around the globe to make sure that no matter where your content is viewed, the viewer will get the absolute best experience possible. It’s built with the needs of corporate and government clients in mind, and feature everything needed for live events as well as the hosting of on-demand archives.

Archiving Process

Content Ingest

We can accept archived content in any format imaginable. We're able to accept anything from BetaMAX tapes up through currently streaming meida.

Formatting and Optimization

Our encoding farms take this ingested content and then converts and optimizes it for on-demand delivery through standard formats as well as any specialized that may be required.

Delivery Methods

Once your content is up on our CDN, it can be delivered to you — and your viewers — in a number of ways, including through page embeds, raw MPEG transport, or even through third-party transfer services.

Clients Using OVS Media Archiving Services

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