OVS Media’s Live Event Webcasting Group was created in 2002 to assist government agencies and NGOs with the growing challenge of making off-site public meetings, conferences, advisory committee meetings, and workshops more readily available to audiences over the Internet through live video streaming.


Live Streaming Services for Conference & Event Webcasts

OVS Media offers a complete end-to-end solution for government webcasting. We handle all logistics of your event webcast – video production, custom branded players, live streaming, live captioning, distribution, and archiving – to ensure your public meetings are successfully delivered to online audiences. Having us manage and coordinate your live event webcast allows you to use your valuable time on the actual program instead.

What Live Webcasting Offers

Going Live is Better Than Ever

Increased Outreach

Extend your events to audiences anywhere

The details

Not everyone can make your event, and now not everyone has to. Stakeholders can be involved anywhere with Internet access with no special plug-ins, software, or other hoops to jump through.

The Easiest Access

Reduce travel costs and interruptions

The details

Sometimes there's no need to have everyone all together in the same place. And right now, that's more true than ever. With live webcasting, your stakeholders never have to leave the comfort of their own homes or offices to be involved.

Better Than Being There

Reach more stakeholders, more often

The details

Any device, any location, any time. Our technolgy isn't just painless, it's accessible, too. Combined with our live captioning servcies and social media feeds, your viewers can actually take part as if they were there.

Clients Broadcasting with OVS Media

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