Case Study


Centers For Disease Control (CDC)

Digital Outreach and Updates

Past Performance: Contract #200-2012-M-42546
Performance Role: Prime Period: 2/1/2012 – 3/31/2017
Contract Type: Firm fixed price


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Communication Services (DCS) is charged with managing and executing live streaming from CDC’s Roybal Campus. For the past five years, OVS Media has successfully partnered with DCS to provide live video streaming services of key public meetings to global audiences and provide reporting on total webcast viewership for each live event.


A significant element of DCS charge of executing the CDC communication strategy is to manage and execute the exchange of video signals, and to provide live webcasts of key live events for high profile content and programming to interested stakeholders across the United States and around the world. The DCS was looking for a partner to help deploy their webcasting initiative with the level of scale and reliability required for this important content.

DCS selected OVS as the most qualified, competitive provider of full range webcasting services to fulfill their objectives. OVS consulted with DCS to setup a customized solution so that webcasts could be scheduled and managed from the DCS webcasting control center, pushing a live video stream to OVS CDN servers with an “always on” model, so that in the event of a public health emergency, a webcast could be organized and deployed within minutes.

Integration with DCS Audio/Video Production Team
Setup of four “Always-On” webcast feeds comprising two unique content channels
Testing and monitoring the start of each webcast to confirm audio/video signals
Provision of live customer support via a toll-free telephone number
Provision of per-event reporting, identifying number of viewers and geographic location (city, state, country)

OVS monitored webcasting signals to confirm audio/video on every webcast, successfully distributing over 200 webcasts over the five-year contract period with a 99.8% success rate and global distribution of content. The webcast solution was utilized extensively for public health crisis communications outreach during the Ebola crisis, and is used regularly for High- profile content and programming including Monthly Grand Rounds, All-hands meetings, and advisory commissions such as the ACIP. The OVS/DCS webcasting team was recognized by the CDC for its work during the Ebola Crisis, and is trusted by Dr. Frieden and other CDC leadership as a key communications outreach tool due to these efforts and team approach.