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Need to promote an agency press conference? Have an important annual conference coming up? Want to broadcast the launch of a new product? OVS Media created its Stakeholder Broadcasting Platform in 1999 to help top government agencies, non-profits and corporations meet the tough challenges of having public meetings, conferences and presentations readily available to key stakeholder audiences over the Internet on a reliable and cost-efficient platform.

For over 20 years, OVS Media has been perfecting going live.

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Stakeholder Broadcasting is How We Bring It All Together.

OVS Media delivers streaming video content from meetings, events, and conferences to targeted key internal and external stakeholder audiences — anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Stakeholder Broadacsting is how OVS Media combines streaming video, user analytics, social media feeds, captioning options, and more into a single live online event that is almost better than being there.

The technology to do this used to be complicated, expensive, and, worst of all, risky. Feelings about streaming an event ranged from “just one more thing to consider,” to “what happens if the delivery system fails?” But in today’s hyper-connected environment, opening up meetings to Internet audiences has gone from a luxury to a necessity for all professional presentations, and OVS Media does it better than anyone else.

Our professionals custom-build each solution for our clients objectives, audiences, and technical requirements. We provide solutions backed by our extensive industry experience and best practices. Having effectively maintained service level agreements with a 99 percent uptime for both live and archived webcasts, we continually provide our clients with a high degree of confidence that their Stakeholder Broadcast will look its best and will effectively get the message out to those who need to get it.

Our consulting services are always free.

Every client is different, and every live event is, too. That’s why we can’t offer cookie-cutter pricing for our Stakeholder Broadcasting solutions — what worked for NASA isn’t necessarily what’s going to work for the National Archives. To make sure that our clients get the services they need — and only those that they need — we custom-build each solution piece-by piece. The best way to figure out exactly what it is your event will need is by starting a conversation.

A custom solution for your event.

Our clients tend to know what it is that they’re looking for in a “broad strokes” sense but are not always certain of the details. OVS Media’s engineers are happy to translate the one to the other. They talk to our clients about their event’s real goals and purposes instead of discussion technical jargon. In the end, we take care of the details so that our clients can focus on doing their part to make their event its very best.

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Stakeholder Broadcasting Production Flowchart

Click through to see how easy it is to go from your phone call to bringing your live event to life.

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It starts with a call.

To get the ball rolling, let’s chat. We’ll talk about exactly what it is you’re vision for your event is. We’ll talk about the goals, the concerns, the limitations, and even a few things you probably haven’t considered yet.

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We throw it to our engeineering team.

Our webcasting professionals have been working on the cutting edge of live streaming media since its inception. They’ll take all of things you want to include and find a way to make them all happen.

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We'll take it from here.

Chances are you already have a location in mind for your event. We’ve worked around the world, from motel lobbies all the way up through packed stadiums, so we know how to speak their language.

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Our production team sources the tech.

Our engineers work to make sure that all of the equipment that we’ll need is on-hand and available at the time needed. We’ll also take care of logistics like shipping and manpower so that you can focus on making your on-stage presentation as good as it can be.

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Let's make it look as good as it works.

Our Web engineers work with your public outreach teams to create a branded and fully-functional Stakeholder Broadcasting page that features all of the components needed to make the viewing experience as good as it can be.

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Let's get this show on the road.

Our engineers, AV technicians, and production teams get together at the venue ahead of time to set things up and make sure it’s all working together.

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And now let's shake it out.

Once we’re set up, our on-site team works with our remote Web team to do a live dress rehearsal. This will make sure that if there are issues they’re dealt with ahead of time, and, more importantly, means that all the bugs are handled before the big day.

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We go live.

Once everything is connected, looking good, and working like it’s supposed to, we go live!

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