Q – I’m having trouble watching flash video on my computer. What can I do?
A – Most likely you either don’t have the latest version of the flash player installed on your computer, or you have a corrupt installation. Follow the steps below to solve these problems:

  • Download the flash uninstaller program from Adobe’s website: https://www.adobe.com/go/tn_14157
  • Run the uninstall program, and reboot your computer
  • Download the latest version of Flash Player: https://www.adobe.com/go/gntray_dl_getflashplayer

Q – The wait circle just spins on a video, what’s wrong?
A – If you just opened an archived video and you see the wait circle spinning for over a minute, then your network may be behind a firewall that is not allowing the stream to pass through. Please have your IT staff contact us at mailto:support@onlinevideoservice.com so we can give directions on how to get access to the media. If you’re a home user, please adjust your home firewall software to allow TCP port 1935 (flash streaming services). If the video stops and begins to show the spinning wait graphic, then there may be bandwidth loss between your computer and our servers. Please be patient as it tries to re-connect. If it lasts for more than a minute, then refresh your browser to get the player started again.

Q – The video is choppy but I can hear sound?
A– This is often a sign of bandwidth issues or network congestion. Try quitting all other programs running on your computer. This can free up resources to make the video play more smoothly. If other people at your location are trying to watch, try to have them all watch on one shared computer.

Q – I can’t hear any sound on the video, but the video is working fine?
A -You may need to turn up the volume on your computer.

Q – What are the basic requirements to watch streaming content on this website?
A – The basic requirements generally include a computer with a sound card, speakers and a broadband connection cable/dsl/lan connection or higher for video. You’ll also need Adobe Flash Player (version 9.0 or higher) for archived and higher resolution live content.

Q – What internet browsers are supported for use with streaming media and the associated media content?
A – Most modern browsers that can support the Adobe Flash plug-in are supported with the exception of Internet Explorer version 6 or lower.