Cheryl Crispen

Executive Vice President, Communications and Marketing, SIFMA

It’s not only an important offering from my perspective, it’s a must-have offering. It’s helped me grow my business, increase my revenue, get more bodies in seats as well as more viewers online. It’s been a win-win. I’ve been able to push out my content in a very effective way and add value to my members.

Ron Unger

Chairman, Koniag Inc.

After four years of doing the webcasts, we consider it a big success. We are able to connect with more shareholders – live. It allows those shareholders to communicate back with us via live chat. We are able to get questions and comments real-time during the meeting and those are passed to us on notecards. The webcast is advertised through our email and website communications as well as our newsletter and on our website.

Carl Weimer

Executive Director, Pipeline Safety Trust

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