Having hundreds of people attend a presentation is good. Knowing there are thousands watching – even better. With OVS Media’s targeted media servers, your on-site producers can tell you precisely how many people are watching at any given time – even while you’re live on the air.

A meeting is a community, and nothing builds and impresses a community more than when you can provide timely and specific data on how many people are participating, who they are and where they are located. OVS Media provides real-time analytics reporting including viewership numbers, geographic location and demographics.

OVS Media analytics gives you the most important data for building engagement with both those in the room and your off-site audience.

Not everyone can afford to come to the conference. We have found it really valuable to webcast live on the Internet because that reaches people at their homes. The webcast allows us to capture those videos and make them available on our archives so people in the room can watch them again and people that missed them the first time can watch them from wherever they are in the world.