If you already have an event or meeting scheduled then you’re already closer than you think to sharing it online. A couple of telephone calls with us to gather some information and a couple of approvals on your end and before you know it your event will be streaming live to your stakeholders.

Just say “go!”

Your event is coming up, and we know how to make it great. If you love your quote then just say the word and we get busy.

We get to work

We ingest the look and feel of your event’s website, so that everything is seamless to the viewer..

Link it all up

Once that’s done, you send it out to your shareholders, where they’ll see that the webcast is “coming soon”

Get the show on the road

Our techs get to your venue early to start setting up their professional gear so that there are no last-minute problems.

One, two, three

We send out a live test stream from your venue to make sure that everything is working great.


Your event will be great, and all of your stakeholders will be able to act as if they were right there with you.

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